Saraswati Puja

It might sound a bit late but then owing to the mid semester exams on 11th February, we had to do it today. Organising Puja for 1500 odd people in an University is a tough task specially when you have 30 organisers and a fruit mountain to distribute. The idol we got from Kolkata was too divine. Over 5 and a half feet it was worth the pain to carry it across 1500 kms. I spent a sleepless night yesterday making the pandal. It was fun playing with hay,sticks,mud. I realised how much fun it is being an Architect and a Civil Engineer especially to see your creation stand tall in front of you.

I have just returned to my room which I left yesterday evening. Preparations are on for tomorrow’s feast, Puri, Sabzi, Rasmalai, Gajar ka halwa. Yum heavenly but then alas the hard work that will go into serving the 1500 people is a bit of a damper. I can hardly keep awake now. Am off to sleep. Got to check my mails before that. 😦

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