A rude awakening

Today morning as I was on my way to office, I boarded a rickshaw which was being driven by a person almost thrice my age. He was driving it slowly and every inch of the movement kept on making me feel pity and sadenned by the whole affair. After some distance I alighted from the rickshaw and paid him the money. He was so happy over his ‘bohni’. I did not have any change other than the money I gave else I would have paid him more.

What came as a shock is the disparity in the wealth distribution in the country and how the lack of education is affecting all. What also hit home was the point that we don’t call ourselves lucky over what we possess but just crib about it. Probably with a little bit of help and a little bit of compassion we can do something to make this world a better place to live in for everyone. I am still searching for the answer.

One thought on “A rude awakening

  1. .. exactly the same thing happened to me ..
    i gave 50rs instead of the settled amount 15rs… for a sec felt guilty for being in a better condition than the rickshaw puller… may be to get rid of this feeling i handed him a 50rs note…
    but that did not solve the problem … and it does not solve the problem…
    We discuss things, talk big…but we dont act .. all we do is go back to r rooms and declare the incident as the nadir of the day…and then forget about it..
    for people who know what and why..it is about solving the ‘how’ part..
    hope you find the answer..
    take care

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