Starting up from Copenhagen

Hello from Copenhagen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remembered while pursuing my application at the University of Copenhagen, exchange students blog served as a big help and insight into life at Copenhagen. As an international student, it makes for a fascinating imagination period especially when you have never gone out of your country. So, when I first came to Copenhagen, it has almost been over a week for me I decided to register my own blog at the University blogs network and finally here I am taking off.

Photography is the new hobby that I have fallen in love with and my Canon Ixus 100 digital camera is currently my best friend. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and you cannot take a bad picture of it how hard you try. It depends upon you whether you can produce that amazing picture or not.

A few of the pictures I took in my first week are above. I have Picasa album here.

I need to blog more extensively about my past week now which I will do in the coming weeks. Its exciting and fun being here in Copenhagen. Thank you Copenhagen for the fun and the weird weather 🙂 and the language. I need to learn Danish at all costs.

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