Saraswati Puja revisited

What a hectic 3 days it has been…. Serving a huge food mountain to 1500 hungry people was a tedious task. People just looking for any chance to jump on the food tray while you trying to save it. 5200 rasmalai’s vanished into thin air and so did 8000 puris. My God!!! For the first time in my life I realised how hard a task Mother Nature is facing trying to feed so many hungry people.

Today we went to Sujanpur, a 3 hr. drive from my College to immerse the deity in River Beas. Before we went I did the short puja and aarti as the pandit had not come. My mother would have gone mad seeing me do it. Using the ghanti along with the incense sticks and the aarti was a difficult job and often my process concurrency was broken. We had fun in the bus shouting chants of Jai Saraswati Mata. It is an altogether different matter that the chants got louder while crossing the members of the opposite sex. On reaching the ghat 5 of us took the idol into the water. Believe me, it was tough job. With uneven rocks on the floor and the strong current of the mountain river and the algae, a wrong step meant certain death. 5 more people were holding the 5 people who were holding the idol so that those 5 did not do their immersion. It was fun. On the way back, we had laddoos, samosas and apples. Hemant has made a nice collage of the Puja. The 3 days have gone by and its a bit saddening I will not be part of any more Saraswati Puja celebrations in my college, being in the final year. This is one memory to cherish for a lifetime. I have 125 unread mails in my inbox. That is another pain …………..

Puja Kaleidoscope